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Computer Information Development LLC, a leading provider of fraud remediation services to financial, banking and insurance sector industries is pleased to announce the launch of our state of the art Consent Based Social Security Number (CBSV) validation services web interface platform - IDV™. COMPUTER INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT, LLC Phone: 888-IDV-8330 (888-438-8330) Sales: sales@idvalidation.net
CID, LLC is one of the first enrolled companies in the Social Security Administrations CBSV program and is the first to offer this service via our easy-to-use web platform interface.

Our service is linked to the United States Social Security Administration (SSA) Master Files and Death Indexes to supply official validation of Social Security Number, Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Death Indicator (if SSA records reflect the SSN holder is deceased).
IDV™ provides instantaneous results; designed to handle large volume requests and offers leading edge compliance with state and federal regulations involving Customer Identification Programs as well as Red Flag Rules. Using IDV™, registered companies can now validate customer identifiers direct from the official governmental source.
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